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New Year's Re-Solutions

Happy New Year! According to online statistics, 40-45% of you will be making a New Year's Resolution this year. Among the top resolutions? Weight loss and exercise. Statistics show that after six months, fewer than half have stuck with it. Studies also show that setting small, achievable goals, as well as sharing our resolution with friends, make our goals more likely to “stick” for the long run.

Weight loss and exercise, as most of us know, are inextricably linked. The problem is, when we feel heavy and uncomfortable in our bodies, it can be difficult to begin an exercise program. Exercise classes are great for accountability, but not great for folks who may be self-conscious. A home yoga routine might just be the way to start.

A yoga routine designed specifically for weight loss and exercise is possible! The key ingredients for creating such a routine are to get the heart rate up, and to work the large muscle groups. This will increase metabolism over time. In order to get the heart rate up, the idea is to flow through a series of sequenced poses in a fluid motion in sync with the breath and to continue for a series of “rounds”. This will heat the body, flush your system (increasing blood flow, lymphatic drainage and the like), and clear your mind. After the body is warm, taking a series of holds using the large muscles of the body (legs/buttocks/back) will keep the heart active and begin to strengthen the largest fat burning muscles in the body.

Following is a basic variation of what we call a sun salutation. Traditionally done in the morning, as the sun is rising, facing the sun: