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Join Us for a Class

All Level Yoga Classes

Mondays 5:30 pm (Julie) & Wednesdays 6:00 pm (Paola)

  • $18 / class drop in fee

  • $90 / series of six classes

Ongoing Noon classes on Monday and Wednesday (Carol)

  • $10 / drop in, $8/more than two classes

Bozeman Center for the Healing Arts
offers Yoga Classes for all abilities

All yoga classes are at the Westridge Center (1919 Fairway Dr, Bozeman) unless otherwise noted

What to wear:  Comfortable, loose fitting clothing

What to bring:  Yoga mat and blanket
Yoga mats are available for purchase from the instructor, please call in advance.

What to eat: Please do not eat a meal within three hours of class start

I was referred to Paola's Wednesday night yoga class by my physician for headaches and migraines. That was almost 20 years ago. I'm still there every Wednesday, loving it every time.


Paola isn't your typical yoga teacher. She doesn't sit in front of the class in her pretty yoga pants and show you pose after pose with high expectations. She really teaches you. She talks you through the pose. She walks around the room and adjusts your body, makes sure you are in proper alignment. She gets to know her students, their strengths and limitations. She knows whom she can push and who needs an adaptation, all in the same class.


She can do things you aspire to do. Her knowledge of anatomy and kinesiology make her a superior yoga instructor. The next day or two, I'm sore all in right spots. Mmmmmm...

— Jen E.

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