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Yoga at Bozeman Center for the Healing Arts is much more than a series of poses. In fact, a yoga class at BCHA is just the beginning, hopefully, of a love affair with yourself. Our focus at BCHA is for you to meet your match with yourself—to find your limits and your boundaries, not only in your body but also in your breath and mind. The brand of your yoga clothing is not important to us in this studio. Nor is your flexibility, your stamina, or your knowledge of Sanskrit. Your ability, over time, to explore the outer reaches of your breath and body, and thus of your own psyche.....that is what we strive for.

We accept students of all abilities, all religious affiliations, and gender persuasions. All ages and body types can be accommodated.

At BCHA we practice yoga with seriousness and an equal dose of humor, in the tradition of TKV Desikachar. This tradition is known for it’s therapeutic benefits at all levels of the system: emotional, physical, mental, spiritual. It is also known for it’s ability to accomodate all individuals with modifications and variations.

Please join us for a class. Check us out.

And as always, feel free to call for details or to discuss

your own personal needs.

Paola acceptting certification from TKV Desikachar

“I tried numerous pharmaceutical interventions for my intense migraine headaches, but nothing helped. Then, I went to see Paola, and she put together a daily yoga practice for me. Before my yoga, I was getting 15 headaches a month. Now I get less than 5 migraines a month. Thank you!”



— Jenny Haubenreiser, Director of Health Promotions, MSU

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